Project Land Surveyor Job Description

Morley is seeking an office survey team member to draft, design, layout, and perform calculations for retracement (boundary), topographic, ALTA/NSPS, bathymetric, mine, CSX Railroad, and elevation surveys.  Work also includes writing descriptions, platting subdivisions, preparing rezoning petitions, attending public hearings, and writing surveyor location reports.

About You

You love the land but prefer to work in an office setting.  You are good with people and enjoy interacting with clients.  You are a problem solver and have an affinity for numbers.  You excel working in a team environment and perform your part to get a job done right.  You are an excellent researcher and you don’t give up until you find what you need.  Math has always been a strong suit of yours and you don’t mind getting out your calculator to verify your numbers.  You are detailed oriented and notice discrepancies between the plan and reality.  Your spatial visualization skills are off-the-charts and you have always been able to imagine 2-dimensional drawings in 3-dimensions.  You love seeing coordinates come to life as you design and layout the data collected by the survey crews.

About Us

Morley is a 40-year strong architecture, engineering, and surveying firm built on family tradition and decades of experience.  We value relationships, trust, and hard work.  We are dedicated to our employees and to our clients.  We seek to be the best in our industry and the one a client calls when they want it done right.  We treat our clients and employees like family and we expect you to do the same.  We strive for excellence and want you to be the best at your job.  We provide opportunities for team collaboration, skills development, training, and professional growth.  For more information visit

About the Work

Your work literally connects the dots between the data collected by the survey crews and the information needed by the clients.  You provide the detailed layouts of the shape and contour of the Earth’s surface for construction projects, site layouts, and subdivision designs.  In addition to the data collected by the survey crew, you perform research to establish property corners and boundary lines.  You prepare reports to document your findings and provide legal descriptions as needed for projects.  As one of the oldest professions in the US, your job is to preserve the integrity of the historical data by carefully reviewing and researching legal documents, previous surveys, and well-established property corners.  You bring the past forward as you support Morley’s clients in land development.

Duties and Responsibilities

Skills and Experience

Physical Requirements (on occasion)


The project land surveyor is a full-time salary position.  Benefits package includes health, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance.  Pay is dependent on education and work experience.  Morley is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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