Princeton, IN

The challenge was to renovate an abandoned building from the recognizable style of the former restaurant chain into a new and vibrant facility to house a new Arby’s. Arby’s has a requirement for their locations, so the old facility needed to be adapted to these requirements. These requirements were for both exterior and interior facades.

There are a series of elements that create the current signature look of Arby’s. These prototypes, including their canopy’s and their signature kind of three column entry points, as well as a color prototypes and paint scheme, ties everything together. These prototypes required us to gut the interior dining areas. We worked with the owner to renovate the kitchen and service counters. We then brought in the new Arby’s equipment and created their open processed line, which they have a very specific set of requirements for the space, layout and operability of cook lines.

What was once a shell of an abandon building is now a vibrant and operational nationally recognized restaurant that now serves the community. By using an existing structure, this allowed the owner a remarkable savings and reduced the time frame of bringing this project to fruition.