Evansville, IN

Providing housing for undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Southern Indiana creates the opportunity to attract and retain new and young talent to our region. Having a balanced population of youth enriches a community with diversity, ideas and innovation.

When there was a housing shortage at University of Southern Indiana, Morley was entrusted with the initial 12 million dollar job of developing homes for students, which later expanded into a multi-phase project.

During the initial phase, the goal was simple: create as many student housing buildings as possible, with as many apartment units as possible and enough parking space for residents. During this phase, maximizing revenue was the client’s focus. The site was designed using a grid-like technique, which assisted in maximizing its capacity. The project sold multiple times during construction, due to potential return on investment.

Later, a high vacancy rate and a considerable desire to add quality of life for its valued residents led to phase two of the project: creating interaction and amenities designed to evoke community, happiness and at-home fulfillment for students.

Morley designed and built several luxuries including a new community center fully-equipped with large open areas for gathering, entertaining, gaming, watching television and socializing. New offices, tanning beds, guest parking, a sand volleyball court, a basketball court and a covered mail patio were also added.

The entire village was connected to USI’s campus via sidewalks and a new public transportation stop.