Evansville, IN

Historically, Evansville’s riverfront was a vital source of extensive river trade. Today, Evansville Marine Services continues this rich history, operating commercial and industrial barbers up and down the Ohio and Green Rivers.

With the obvious need to operate from the riverfront, Evansville Marine Services acquired a property, with a bit of colorful history. Previously the site served as a painting base for the USS LST shipyard. Because lead paint was often used in the process, it created quite a bit of exposure of lead within the soil. Later, the same property was used as a waste land for several different companies.

While not a direct part of Morley’s contract, environmental cleanup was required. The site had to be capped, creating a barrier between the potentially contaminated soil and the surface, protecting the site from the harmful effects of its contents and also preventing further movement and contamination.

We designed a two-story building that sits on a specially created podium, allowing the building to essentially “float” on top of the previous environment contents, while protecting it from potential flooding. We used a combination of wood and steel structures, composite wood siding and trim, and specialty flooring for heavy river traffic. A large deck was incorporated for entertaining and has a built in drainage system. Stunning views to Evansville’s downtown are savored through clear story, high-efficiency windows and sloped ceilings to invite as much natural light as possible.

The building exudes the confidence the company represents and creates a sense of legacy for generations to come.