Evansville, IN

As a firm, Morley is heavily involved with the Evansville, Indiana Boy Scouts, and largely supportive of their mission to help others and instill values and ethics in people at an early age. The Scout Center serves as a resource for information, literature, videos, advice and guidance for all Boy Scouts, and the public at large.

Morley takes pride in having provided architecture, engineering and surveying services for the center, and through public bid, also provided general contracting services.

Our team created a top-of-the-line facility, staying cognizant of the existing conditions of the site, such as underground and abandoned buildings. We wanted to build a center in the beauty that already existed in the area. Efforts were made to prevent interference with the vibrant  and existing sense of nature and community that previously existed on these grounds: people exercising, walking their dog and using the area to partake in outdoor games.

The building is wrapped in AAC, a light-weight, air entrained concrete that is energy efficient and insulates sounds, handy considering the nearby expressway. Several unique products such as steel columns wrapped in hollowed-out trees, specialty flooring, rich woods and stained concrete were used during this project, enhancing the environment, while generating a new rustic and industrial feel. An outdoor shelter with restrooms provides opportunity for outdoor activities, functions and classes year round.