Princeton, IN

Known for revitalizing commercial centers, Regency Property focuses on acquiring shopping centers, specifically. Many of these centers are former big-box locations, are dated or are in need of new life, and are unable to reinvent themselves on their own.

That’s where Morley comes in. Our team of architects are well-versed in refacing buildings, adding brand and image, while working strictly with the envelope a building has to offer.

Using our knowledge and experience of how far you can essentially push and pull a structure, we added depth and height changes to the center, creating a city scape feel. We manipulate the use of color and particular materials, with the overall design intent to create an environment with an urban downtown or village-like feel, which in turn generates a desired lifestyle for consumers and retailers alike.

Regency Properties integrates a great mixture of national brands, as well local, mom and pop businesses, helping create return on investment, and efficient, effective centers to meet their needs. This particular shopping center is at 100 percent occupancy, and completely re-invigorated its community at large. In doing so, Regency received a Business Impact Award from the County Chamber of Commerce.