Evansville, IN

The Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation (EVSC) decided to take on a special project designed to increase employee retention and attract new teaching talent to the School District. Their new initiative, called the Wee-Care Day Care facilities were designed to utilize their existing facilities to create a Day-Care facility set up as an additional benefit to current and future EVSC employees.

The Wee Care project is a way for the EVSC to give back to the individuals who devote their lives and careers to education. These new facilities will give their staff peace of mind knowing their little ones are in a safe, engaging environment so they can focus on molding the young people of today.

Working within the parameters of the EVSC’s existing infrastructure produced unique challenges; and often, when shown in the correct light, these challenges turned out to be opportunities.

On this particular project, Morley provided surveying, civil engineering, and architectural services. It had a very tight, hard deadline. Additionally, our surveying crews stepped in at the last minute (since Morley was acting as Construction Administrator) to help the contractor layout the playground equipment just in time to meet the project’s tight deadline.

In the end, Morley was able to meet the client’s needs by working hard to constantly coordinate and promptly mitigate all issues.